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10 H measures as the hardest top coating available anywhere in the world10 H measures as the hardest top coating available anywhere in the world


Choose ONYX Coating for A Perfect Shine, Protected Paint, and a Lasting Finish

We use graphene nanotechnology to offer cars the best protection possible. For many years, paint jobs were one of the biggest problems for automotive enthusiasts. Without proper protection, the paint would get damaged by mud, dirt, sun exposure, and a litany of other things.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of graphene infusion, this problem has been solved. By creating a solution that hardens into graphene sheets, cars have never been better protected.

Why Nano Technology?

This use of nanotechnology is the new industry standard for detailing. With this technology, not only are cars coming out of workshops looking more beautiful then ever. But are being thoroughly protected for far longer.

This application for graphene has been researched for decades as a way to protect all kinds of surfaces. The results have been astounding, and show that it provides excellent protection for hard surfaces. Especially when protecting metal from wear and corrosion.

 AUTOSALON  |  Paint Protection & Detailing

About Us

The Foundation Of Autosalon

New Zealand's Sole Distributor for 

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AutoSalon is a New Zealand based company who specialise in Professional Car Detailing, Paint protection & Correction and ONYX Coating distribution.


Founded in 2021 by Director and car enthusiast, Rizvi Azaad Buksh.

AutoSalon aims to exceed current industry standards in car detailing with the use of ONYX Coating.


AutoSalon is the first exclusive applicator and distributor for ONYX Coating in New Zealand. Through years of research Rizvi was able to narrow down the best technique for finer detailing, product selection and overall customer service and satisfaction.


At AutoSalon we pride ourselves in honesty, reliability and quality.


We will ensure our product durability and functionality by recommending the best product for your vehicle. With that said, ONYX coating can also be used on marine vessels, trailers and also solar panels.


AutoSalon is your go to if you’re wanting a High-Gloss & Super Silky Ceramic Car Coating
with Long Lasting Results. Smooth Touch With
Superior Protection. With our ONYX N1 technology, you can rest assured knowing your assets are in the best care.


Do you have a detailing company or interested to work with ONYX Coating?


We can certify your company in becoming an official ONYX applicator.

Why               ?

Advanced Nano-Ceramic Protective Coatings

This application of graphene nanotechnology in the automotive world takes the form of transparent coatings. These coatings adhere to the surface of the car, and prevent anything from touching the actual paint. This allows the paint to shine through, while protecting it from costly damage.

Not only are they more durable than a traditional polymer coating, but they offer all of the benefits for a beautiful finish. With its ability to protect a car while showing off its best features, this use of graphene nanotechnology is the new standard.